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Commuter scooters

With the move towards greener, more eco-friendly commuting these days, and the desire to avoid long traffic jams, the electric scooter is growing in popularity as a preferred choice for commuting. While bicycles and electric cars have certainly carved out their niche in the eco-friendly traveling options, the rise in electric scooter popularity can no longer be ignored. It provides new and easy possibilities for commuters, while offering dynamic, efficient, and various safety options.

Easy to Commute

Popularity among electric scooters is booming across the world because of how easy it is to get around while riding one. Electric scooters are revolutionizing the lives of daily commuters and travelers especially in high density cities. Commuters rely on scooters getting to work rather than using cars, bicycles, walking, and even public transportation.

Cars are a frustrating choice for commuters because of how difficult it is just to get to work. Rush hour causes unpredictable circumstances like traffic jams, construction detours, and accidents. A busy city only irritates drivers more with complicated one way streets and the abundance of crosswalk stops for pedestrians. Once you finally arrive at work, typically a hunt for parking begins and only adds to the chaos of a daily commute.

E-scooters have far less terrain restrictions, traveling on the side of roads around cars. They bypass traffic and depending on the model, most offer top speeds from 10 MPH to 40 MPH. After arriving at work, scooters are parked in places without fees, and where cars can’t park. Usually E-scooters can be parked to the side depending on your location’s regulations or can be brought inside depending on their weight and configurations.

Riding a bicycle or walking is a healthy option and skips traffic. But in most cases, people have to travel miles getting to work or school. Not to mention, weather could take a toll on you like a muggy day in the summer. Commuters tend to steer clear from changing sweaty clothes heading into their destination. E-scooters can zoom past walkers and bikers but also allows you to create a route such as finding back alley shortcuts just like pedestrians can. It's a much more convenient ride, and can save you an hour or two on your travels.

Scooters eliminate the task of learning public transit systems such as bus lines and metro stops. Additionally, public transit stations can be miles away forcing you to walk and take up more time. Once you arrive at the station, you have to depend on the expected time of arrival which can have you waiting. Plus it is uncertain whether a bike rack is even available for cyclists. Bicycles are difficult to carry and bringing them inside isn’t a realistic possibility.

E-scooters can skip your boarding costs and stops, giving you less of a headache as you take your own routes to where you're going. Furthermore, if you still consider public transit to be your best commuting choice, some scooter models are foldable and can be brought on a busy bus or train. Once you hop off public transit, unfold your E-scooter and ride the rest of the way to make the smoothest commute possible.


A big factor for commuters who choose E-scooters is how efficient their transportation is. E-scooters are more eco-friendly than cars using no gas or oil. Instead, the lightweight scooters use electricity and rechargeable lithium batteries on the streets. Going greener on transportation also means more economical mileage costs. You can expect charging scooter batteries to be far cheaper than filling up a gas tank to get around. Not to mention, the maintenance of E-scooters is minimal unlike replacing car parts and getting oil changes.

The batteries can be removed on certain models which allows you to carry them inside for a charge. Getting worried that you might run out of battery on a long ride? No worries, a second battery could be bought to carry with you when you need it most. It's never been easier to charge, just plug the battery in.

Saving time and adding convenience to your commute is key. E-scooters can be parked closer to buildings than a parking lot, and can be locked up to secure your property. Many E-scooters are smaller and can fold. You have the power to choose when you want to fold up your E-scooter and carry it into buildings or buses when you stop riding. Adaptability for commuters has never been this easy and saves more time than ever.

Dynamic Options

The electric scooter market is dynamic and there’s a product that suits the needs of almost anyone. Compared to most cars, motorbikes, and high-end bicycles, E-scooters have a much more affordable market so plenty of commuters can jump in. E-scooters can range from $250 to $5,000 depending on different brands and quality.

Every E-scooter is unique sporting different specifications such as:

  • Motor Wattage (e.g, 500-watt)
  • Max Speed ( e.g, 15 mph)
  • Max Distance (on full charge)
  • Charge Time (e.g, 4 hours)
  • Weight Capacity

And each E-scooter has different looks, shapes, sizes, and features such as:

  • Zero emissions
  • Sit down (bike style)
  • Stand up
  • Foldable
  • Carriages & storage
  • LED headlights
  • Turn signals
  • Touchscreens
  • Various Footplate sizes
  • Adjustable speeds
  • And many other customizable options

Check out our FAQ page and browse our E-scooter products, we’re sure you’ll be able to find an E-scooter that catches your eye and can improve your daily commute. The innovation of E-scooter technology is only improving and the demand continues to grow rapidly.


If you would like to ensure safe travels on your commute using E-scooters be sure to wear the appropriate protective equipment for the speed you expect to travel. Helmets are always a safe choice to prevent head injuries as accidents do happen. Consider using leather gloves, elbow and knee guards, and other appropriate gear for protection at higher speeds. High density areas mean that a lot of action happens unexpectedly like crossing pedestrians, bumps, and busy drivers. Pay attention to laws such as sidewalk driving restrictions and use your brakes wisely.

The brakes that most E-scooters have are sensitive, and you should know how your brakes work in poor weather conditions. Getting familiar with the stopping distance and durability of your brakes is also critical to prevent accidents. There are a variety of braking systems including foot, disc, drum, and electronic brakes (see our FAQ page) that you should explore. Every kind performs differently so it's essential to know how your E-scooter drives. You should take it for a couple test drives before hitting busy streets. Once you are familiar with how your E-scooter rides, you are more likely to suspect when something is off and may require maintenance. Knowing what your E-scooter is capable of on the road can prevent close calls that can damage it, as well as more importantly, yourself.

When driving at night, a top priority should be proper lights, but not all E-scooters are equipped with them. If you have to drive at night, make sure your model has bright headlights, and look into bright lights or reflectors in the back. Make predictable movements while driving along cars and drive consistent speeds.

To also optimize a safe driving experience, pay attention to your handlebars and footplates. A strong grip on both gives you full control over your E-scooter and can prevent slipping off when hitting rough terrain or bumps. Driving safe and correctly is the best way to prevent accidents that do happen from time to time.


Commuters everywhere around the world recognize that electric scooters are a revolutionary method of transportation with a load of benefits. Going green has never been easier. While you feel good about not burning gas and oil, you simultaneously improve your traveling experience. No more filling up at gas stations, giving off tons of emissions, or changing oil. You could be driving your car or bike to work and might be stuck in a never ending traffic jam that frustrates you early in the morning, only to be unable to find a parking spot. You might be waiting at a bus stop and just miss it because they arrived seconds earlier before you got there. Maybe you’re walking to school and get fed up because you are sweating on a hot day through nice clothes before a presentation. Perhaps soon, commuting with E-scooters can save you more time, a little less headache, and boost your productivity as you get through the week.

With plenty of options available in a competitive E-scooter market, you are bound to find something that suits your everyday needs here at Ride and Go Electrics. We provide products with different features and customization to ensure you find the right E-scooter for you. Plenty of safety features are available such as bright lights, non-slip grips, and a variety of brake systems to make you a confident driver. Additionally, E-scooters have a cheaper entry than a car or motorcycle market. The E-scooter market is accessible to almost anyone and doesn't require a license to operate them. We want to help you join the revolution of electric transportation so you can go green and make your daily commute easier. Options for commuters have never been more efficient to save you time, and E-scooters are leading the conversation.