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About Us

We are a husband and wife team who initially became interested in electric mobile products when our parents started aging and required mobility assistance due to ailing health. It became an exercise in frustration when we soon discovered that we had no nearby bricks and mortar stores to shop for these products, and the available internet-based companies either crammed so much information into a web page that it became daunting with the overwhelming options and ‘busy’ web pages, or the quality of the web page just did not instill trust.  We discovered that there was a serious deficit in electric mobility scooter options for people like our parents, who wanted a shopping experience that was easy and stress-free.

Two individuals riding on bicycles in the countryside

Leap forward to the following year and we took our first family trip to Disney. Being in the State of Florida, having our first experience with an electric bicycle and we were hooked! Not only was the State and the weather beautiful, but the bike paths were magnificent! Until then, we had only been what you would call intermittent recreational bicyclists. When we realized how much fun could be had with the electric bicycle, and how much territory we could cover in a single outing, we vowed to purchase e-bikes at the first chance we could when we returned home. Of course, our tween daughter saw the stand-up electric scooters as her idea of fun, and thus, Ride and Go Electrics was born. We visualized our company as a place where customers from all ages, stages and walks of life could come and browse with ease and with confidence that they could find exactly what they wanted. We then dedicated every spare moment we had learning about our products, meeting with other industry experts, researching the best products to offer to our customers, and finally, combining our years of experience working in sales, customer relations, research and management to finally realize our dream of owning a business.  Ride and Go Electrics was launched.

The visualization of combining electric mobile products was a perfect marriage with our desire to leave a greener earth for our daughter’s generation. In an era where urban and built up centers are moving towards greener commuting, Ride and Go Electrics hopes to bring top quality products and knowledge that our customers can count on to meet their electric commuting needs.

Family on electric bikes on country hill side


By keeping our business online only, we can offer you the best competitive prices in the industry, tax-free and with no shipping charges. Our supplier warehouses are spread across the US, resulting in fast shipping times, premium quality products and we strive to provide you with world-class customer service, making your shopping experience easy and comfortable.

If you have any questions, email as at, fill in our online form, or call as at 1-844-401-7433.


Dean and Christine