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Mobility Scooter Assembly

Each mobility scooter and manufacturer has a different set of rules when it comes to assembly.  Some scooters will arrive completely assembled by the manufacturer and there will be nothing to do but remove the protective packaging. This is often the case with larger, more high-end scooters. Folding scooters will also typically come completely assembled, as these units are meant to fold small for traveling.

Some units that break apart into two main pieces (the chair and motor base) will require very light assembly. Other units that have casters and body plates that are used to customize the color of your mobility scooter will require some assembly as well.

Finally, there will be some units that may require substantial assembly (installing handle bars, seats, lights, arm rests, mirrors, baskets, and other attachments such as cane holders or canopies) but each piece can be assembled by a novice with minimal mechanical skill and using common tools found in any local hardware store (and typically provided). As the pieces may be heavier, it might be a good idea to have an additional person available to help if needed. If you have any concerns over the assembly of your unit, we are available to help any time. Contact us at the phone number above or send us a message here.